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URBANITE 2020's Newsletter .

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URBANITE 2023's Newsletter .

Open Source Software

URBANITE’s software components will be released, at least partly, as open source.

Link to the GitLab public repository:


URBANITE 2023 Second Brochure. download here.

URBANITE 2023 Brochure. download here.

URBANITE 2022 Brochure, download here .

URBANITE 2021 Brochure, download here .

URBANITE Workshop 2021, 8 October, Ljubljana, Slovenia. Download here .


URBANITE 2022 Poster, download here .

URBANITE 2023 Poster. download here .

URBANITE 2023 Poster extended. download here .

Press Notes

URBANITE 1st Year Press Note:

URBANITE 2022 Press Note:

URBANITE 2023 Press Note: