URBANITE is composed of eleven partners from six different countries, representing Northern, Southern and Eastern Europe:

Team Members

Sergio Campos (Project Manager), Sonia Bilbao (Technical Coordinator), Maria José López (WP5- URBANITE ecosystem integration and DevOps), Jorge García (Co-leader of WP2)
Massimo Villari (Messina Use Case)
Dino Alessi, Placido Accolla (Messina Use Case)
Giuseppe Ciulla (WP6-Use cases leader). Isabel Matranga (WP7- Sustainability and awareness leader)
Heli Ponto (Helsinki Use Case)
Yuri Glikman (WP3 Data Management Platform leader)
Matjaz Gams (WP4 Algorithms and simulation techniques for decision - makers)
Keye Webster. WP2-Social impact of disruptive technologies leader
Nathalie van Loon. Amsterdam Use Case
Raquel Gil. Bilbao Use Case
Nerea Rojas. Bilbao Use Case