Deliverable Link
D2.1Analysis of experiences in other industries Case Studies / Download / Addendum
D2.2Mapping of stakeholdersDownload
D2.3SOPO Lab first session “Ask: defining challenges and formulating shared values and principles”Download
D2.4SOPO Lab second session “Create: going into the details of challenges and designing roadmaps” Draft version
D2.5SOPO Lab third session “Policy: translating insights into practical policy and requirements” Draft version  
D2.6Impact analysis and recommendations Draft version
D3.1URBANITE Mobility data sources analysis  Download
D3.2Data harvesting module and connectors implementation-v1 Draft version  
D3.3Data harvesting module and connectors implementation-v2 Draft version  
D3.4URBANITE data structure and semantic model specification Download
D3.5Data curation module implementation Draft version  
D3.6Data curation module implementation Draft version  
D3.7Data aggregation and storage module implementation Draft version  
D3.8Data aggregation and storage module implementation  Draft version
D4.1Strategies and algorithms for data modelling and visualizations Download
D4.2Implementation of strategies and algorithms for data modelling and visualizations Draft version  
D4.3URBANITE policy decision model Draft version  
D4.4URBANITE traffic flow model Draft version  
D4.5Recommendation system for policy design Download
D4.6Final implementation of the recommendation system for policy design Draft version
D5.1Detailed requirements specification Download
D5.2Detailed requirements specification Draft version
D5.3Integration strategy Download
D5.4URBANITE Detailed architecture Download
D5.5URBANITE Detailed architecture Draft version  
D5.6URBANITE DevOps Infrastructure Download  
D5.7URBANITE Ecosystem Draft version  
D5.8URBANITE Ecosystem Draft version  
D5.9URBANITE Ecosystem Draft version  
D7.1URBANITE brochure and public website Download
D7.2Communication, Networking Plan and Dissemination Strategy Download
D7.3Dissemination, communication and networking report v1  Download
D7.4Dissemination, communication and networking report v2 Draft version  
D7.5Dissemination, communication and networking report v3 Draft version