Data handling and transformation in Urbanite

In previous blog posts the overall architecture of the Urbanite platform [^1] and the harvesting process [^2] were described. The harvesting process consist of multiple services working together to gather, transform and store the data from the diverse sources harvested in this project. To give the reader a better understanding of this procedure, the harvesting process for the data of two pilot cities is described in more detail in this post: Amsterdam and Messina.

8th General Assembly in Messina

The 8th General Assembly was held in Messina, hosted by the Municipality and AlmaDigit. The two-day meeting included a workshop among Urbanite partners in which we will reflect on the co-creation process carried out and the lessons we have learned, demos of functionalities and challenges from the technical perspective (mobility simulation, data processing and policy recommendation support), and the planning for the upcoming next months of the project.

Co-creation activities in Messina towards shared urban mobility solutions

The activities related to co-creation in URBANITE project are mainly performed through what we call SoPoLabs (Social Policy Labs) which see the involvement of the stakeholders which revolve around urban mobility. In Messina SoPoLabs have brought stakeholders and policy makers to discuss about common issues, in order to find shared solutions on urban mobility for the Municipality. Since the start of the URBANITE project, three SoPoLabs have been held and they have brought interesting results.