8th General Assembly in Messina

The 8th General Assembly was held in Messina, hosted by the Municipality and AlmaDigit. The two-day meeting included a workshop among Urbanite partners in which we will reflect on the co-creation process carried out and the lessons we have learned, demos of functionalities and challenges from the technical perspective (mobility simulation, data processing and policy recommendation support), and the planning for the upcoming next months of the project.

The meeting had the opportunity to have the presence of the Councilor Carlotta Previti who explained that mentioned the smart sensors deployed for the recording of traffic levels, feeding a the Data Platform in a dynamic environment that collects data on mobility and accidents even from past years while aggregates the data for statistical purposes. This information will be used by operators in the context of strategic planning and decision support for policy-making. The change speeds up procedures and contributes to spreading the digital culture

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