Data week

URBANITE participates on the online workshop at DataWeek 2022

Disruptive technologies empowering decision-making in the public sector, sharing our results adopting a data-driven approach , 25th May at 15:30.

The development and implementation of policies by the different administrations face significant long-term uncertainty and growing complexity, dealing with new scenarios in terms of population trends such as growth, migration flows, and ageing. At the same time, it exists a pressure and urgency for a more sustainable model of living, given by a global warming emergency. All these challenges for the governance of our cities and regions require new advances in planning and in the operational processes and methods. Traditional solutions must be improved and complemented. Disruptive technologies, like AI, predictive data analytics, Digital Twin and Cloud offer a promising support to public administrations and policy-makers in better understanding the new context and in making more effective policy-related decisions, predicting eventualities and risks and taking advantage of future opportunities. Nevertheless, the use of disruptive technologies in such domains often face difficulties in being accepted, for this reason the active involvement of the citizens and stakeholders is a must to gain the necessary trust. This session shares the results from the URBANITE, URBANAGE, DECIDO and POLICYCLOUD projects and showcases real experiences from some cities and regions successfully adopting a data-driven approach.

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The video of the presentations is already published:

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