During 2021, 4 General Virtual Assemblies were held. Due to COVID-19, the meeting was held online using Teams.

The Project began in April 2020. In the URBANITE kick off virtual meeting, where all the partners met and the procedures for achieving the project goals was discussed. Cocreation sessions, use cases and sustainability activities were discussed and agreed upon.

During the second General Assembly the discussion have revolved around the use cases and the interaction between the social policy lab sessions and the use cases. Data sources analysis and AI algorithms for simulation and how they relate to the use cases have been the core of the discussions.

 On 28th and Oct 29th 3rd General Assembly was celebrated, debating how to contribute supporting decision-making in urban transformation with disruptive technologies.

During the fourth General Assembly, discussed about details of the use cases and defining the first release of Urbanite platform and the future of urban mobility planning.


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