SoPoLab First Session: Ask: defining challenges and formulating shared values and principles

This process of co-creation sessions through the Social Policy Lab in URBANITE helps us to identify social challenges associated with the use of disruptive technologies in the provision of services by public administrations, specifically in terms of design and urban mobility policies. In this sense, special attention has been paid to the attitude and trust in the use of technologies by public servants and end users.

In this first session the main objective was the formulation and definition of challenges and shared values.

It has been possible to verify that the challenges identified, although still defined at a very primitive level, could be addressed through the URBANITE platform itself and/or through the initiatives that are framed within the URBANITE project, such as the SoPoLab itself.

In Amsterdam, for example, the pilot will focus on identifying and unifying existing (open) data sources; and on citizen inclusion and communication regarding new mobility policies and approaches.

In Bilbao, the initial challenges defined were related to 1) the identification of the common value and not individual interests in co-creation processes, 2) the anonymization of sensitive data and the awareness of this issue among the society and 3) an important issue such as the technological gap. An increasing segment of the population is considered digital native. However, another important part has difficulties or is reluctant in the use of new technologies.

In Helsinki, the challenges identified were mainly about the quality of the data gathered (portability, availability and compatibility), the co-operation with stakeholders and the  ecosystem building

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