JSI is the most important research institute in Slovenia and is ranked around 50th among research centres (faculties or institutes) in Europe regarding European involvement. JSI comprises of 28 research departments and employs about 1000 researchers and PhD students. JSI enjoys international recognition, participating currently in over 300 international projects. JSI has been involved in many national and international ICT projects.

Department of intelligent systems (DIS) expertise is behaviour modelling and extraction through machine learning, and its specialty is combining machine learning with expert knowledge. It also has expertise in decision support, optimization, multi-agent systems, and speech and language technologies where cultural heritage is the common motivation. DIS’s one of important application domains is the analysis of human behavior using sensor and other data. It has developed a number of methods for the analysis of physical activity, culminating in the victory at the live international EvAAL activity recognition competition in 2013. In 2014 the team from the department participated in the Tricorder 10 million competition and was the only one from continental Europe to join the 10 final competing teams from over 300 initially interested. In several projects, virtual humans and virtual environments are the essential field of research. DIS has extensive experience with international collaboration, having participated in many FP6, FP7, H2020 and other international projects. It also has software-engineering expertise, resulting in a number of intelligent applications for end-users from the industry and general public.