Alma Digit offers consulting services to small and medium-sized public and private companies in order to develop highly innovative solutions in ICT (Information and Communication Technology). According to Gartner’s data, digital incompetence will cause a quarter of organizations to lose their market position. In this scenario, Alma Digit aims at adopting the most recent Cloud/Edge/Fog Computing, Internet of Things (IoT) and Social Media technologies in order to provide a wide range of solutions. This is possible because Alma Digit, academic spin-off of the University of Messina, continuously and carefully cooperates with ICT researchers in order to transfer the technological innovation from the academic to the industrial context. In particular, Alma Digit provides design and implementation of scalable Cloud-based products tailored to the specific customer needs. The proposed and developed solutions will provide efficient tools for storing, processing and analysing data, using in-site or public systems, and considering the ease of use of developed systems as being of prime importance. At the same time, Alma Digit looks at social media solutions and social big data analytics in order to produce ICT services and applications to customers able to improve the digital marketing and communication. The society praises experience in international projects and in maintaining relations with the local territory pushing both industrial and academic applied research in order to meet the real needs of the market. Thanks to the EU-funded Horizon 2020 project frontierCities2, Alma Digit is actively involved in promoting and developing the FIWARE technology in its products and Future Internet services, particularly within industry 4.0 and digital culture initiatives. Alma Digit’s clients have the opportunity to innovate their production and communication systems using advanced technology solutions designed to ensure maximum efficiency and interoperability.